And so our journey begins..!

So moving into 2018 we’ve decided to create a blog – a great opportunity for you to get behind the scenes and gain an insight into life at The Detailing Booth and a great opportunity for us to show you some new and exciting detailing products and accessories, as well as get to know more about some of our favourite products, and also a little more about us and our small team…!

So, a little more about us before we begin.

We are a UK (Manchester) based supplier of car care and detailing products who started in 2015 with the aim of bringing together a combined 20 years experience in varying roles in the customer service industry for the worlds largest hotel chain, and our love for cars and detailing as a hobby.

Our business is based solely online, which means we are accessible 24/7 and can provide support 365 days a year (believe it or not – we do get enquiries on Christmas day!).

With the ever improving ability to get products shipped and delivered quickly – in some cases – the same day, we thought it was time to brought the detailing store to you and allow you to create your own detailing booth, offering a wide variety of shipping options so it’s there if you need it quickly, or cost effective if you’re a weekend hobbyist and happy to wait a couple of days.

We’re a little impatient, so we want things now, so our next day shipping service is definitely a favourite!

You’ll also benefit from free delivery on orders over £40 – fantastic!

On average, 95% of free delivery orders arrived within 72 hours in 2017, with a huge 63% of those arriving within 48 hours (Based on working days).

All we ask is that you order before 12pm and your order will be dispatched that same day.

For local orders, we are more than happy for you to come down and collect from us.

In the 2 years of trading, we have developed a loyal customer base, many of whom are now taking advantage of our loyalty scheme.

We are keen to provide you with the very best customer service experience, and to that end, we offer a price match guarantee on all products.

There’s not a single item in our store that we haven’t tried.

We work alongside a professional detailer so we can stock and recommend products that are tried and tested by us..!

If we don’t like it – we don’t stock it!

We now stock some of our favourite products from Angelwax, Bilt Hamber Laboratories, Car Chem, Klin Korea, ODK, Obsession Wax and Wo Wo.

We’re always open to new ideas and we love trying new things, so if you think we’re missing something – let us know, send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

As we start to get into writing content for our blogs we’ll look at some of our most commonly asked questions such as  “What is the best wax?” and how this isn’t as easy to answer as you may think.

For now, let’s have a look at two of our favourite products currently online. Firstly, ‘Cabin’ from ODK, our best selling product for 2017!

Cabin is a dedicated interior dressing, with a mouth watering cranberry and lime fragrance – it’s by far one of the best smelling products we stock.

It has superb anti-static properties and we have definitely noticed a decline in the build up of dust on the top of the dashboard since we started using it!

It leaves a nice factory finish and a noticeably fresher smell to the interior. The success of ODK Cabin has led to the creation of a matching interior air freshener which we now sell as a kit click ODK Cabin Interior Kit to read more.

ODK Cabin Interior Kit

The rising star in the detailing community definitely comes from Klin Korea.

Following the early success of their microfiber products, Klin Korea brought The Detailing Booth the Duo Drying Towel in January of last year and went on to be our best selling microfiber product in 2017.

The success of the Duo, a huge 70x90cm, dual layered and edgeless drying towel saw the rise of multiple microfiber products and accessories from Klin, with The Detailing Booth now stocking a wide range of their products, with more arriving each month! Take a look! Just click Klin-Korea detailing products to see our full range.

We really do hope our blog posts can help and if you have any suggestions or would like us to cover anything in particular, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself James or Lily if you have any feedback.

It would be great to hear your thoughts!