ODK Arctic Snow Foam 500ml - 1ltr

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ODK Arctic Snow Foam 500ml - 1ltr
ODK Arctic is a highly concentrated pH neutral snow foam. This product works by combating dirt and grime on your vehicle and does not have any impact on any existing wax, sealants or coatings that are protecting the paintwork.

To use put 40 to 80ml in a snow foam lance then fill with either cold or warm water, by doing this will ensure a nice thick coat, then allow time to dwell before washing the substance off with a pressure wash. This method is an very effective way to erase stubborn dirt and grime without touching the paintwork before a hand wash.

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from England

Fantastic product to help get rid of stubborn dirt on the car before a hand wash. Creates a great thick coating using surprisingly little so lasts a good amount of time. Doesn't impact any protective coating that I have applied. Also great service from James for answering my questions!

Brand: ODK
Condition: New
Product Code: ODKASF1