SiRamik ­ SC15 ­ 50ml

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SiRamik ­ SC15 ­ 50ml

SiRamik Surface Coat SC15 is an ultra durable ceramic coating that is very popular with our clients and enthusiasts alike, with stunning wet looks and excellent water behaviour, this really is one to watch. SC15 can be applied to paint, wheels, plastic trim and glass (with the exception of the windscreen), so one product for all surfaces.

SC15 comes with 2 applicators and 1 application cloth for intricate areas.

Bottle Size: 50ml

So what makes Siramik Glasscoat so special:

1. It's low voc.
2. It's tested in government testing centres not manufacturers in house testing.
3. It's also tested in front of leading paint manufacturers, with high standing representatives present.
​4. It is heat resistant to 500c with no loss of protection up to 250c and only 5% degradation from 250c - 500c.

And of course it's durable, easy to use and keeps it's just applied looks.

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Brand: SiRamik
Product Code: SIRSC15