WO-WO was started by two brothers who after trying to find the very best detailing products decided to make their own.
The result was a superb range of detailing washes, shampoos and cleaners that we at The Detailing Booth are proud to stock.
Before stocking WO-WO detailing products we spoke to lots of professional detailers and tested the complete range to make sure they were all up to scratch.
The selection below are our firm favourites and we often use on our own cars.
Our most popular WO-WO detailing product is the brilliant WO-WO high foam shampoo if you choose anything from the range you've got to start there!
We offer a UK price match guarantee so you know you are buying at the right price and you can earn loyalty points too.
Delivery is FREE (In the UK) if you spend over £40 and if you have any questions on how to use their range (or any other product on our site) just call James on 0333 050 2835 and he'll be happy to help.
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